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Enviro-Flow® specializes in cost-effective non-invasive pipe, conduit, and underground duct lining services for water, drain, electric, oil, gas, and HVAC systems. We have the ability to line piping, conduits, and underground ducts both in-side and out-side of commercial, industrial, governmental, and residential buildings. Service piping, conduits, and ducts under concrete floors, and service pipes and conduits behind walls and ceilings, can be rehabilitated with our lining processes without demolition or excavation. Re-lining saves you time and money.

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Thanks for your help last week, as we encountered a potentially catastrophic interior flooding situation in our Metzenbaum United States Courthouse, in Cleveland, Ohio. The liner is working and your responsiveness over the Thanksgiving holiday has been highly appreciated. We can’t believe what a great job you guys did on short notice. We will enjoy sharing our experience with your installer Enviro-Flow with our peers across the Public Buildings Service in the Great Lakes region.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Enviro-Flow for a job well done at Morris Sheppard Dam. The CIPP lining work your crew completed gave us and our customer a cost-effective and high-quality solution to the originally specified concrete encased pipe removal procedure. Enviro-Flow was great to work with from the beginning of the liner design process through end of the field installation.
— ALLTECH Engineering Corp
Flow-Liner’s installer, Enviro-flow, is a value to our engineering and operations of the underground distribution systems here at American Electric Power. They work well with us, very responsive when we need them, and most of all; they are safe. We recommend them for your future project.

Enviro-Flow is to be commended for their focus on getting the work done. The final product that has been installed is very impressive. By not using the old fashion method of digging up the old pipes and replacing with same, the University has saved over $100,000 and infinite amount of headaches due to the proximity of the underground pipes. Thanks for making this project stress-free.
— Bloomsburg University

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