Enviro-Flow® Projects

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Oklahoma State Capitol

The Oklahoma State Capitol building was established in 1917. The exterior and interior are highly ornamented, including stone lions on the corners of the copper roof. During building-wide renovating, the need for pipe lining was discovered in their roof drains. Enviro-flow lined all roof drains successfully, preserving all ornate and historic embellishments.



Auglaize County Corrections Center

The Auglaize County Corrections Center Jail in Wapakoneta, Auglaize County, Ohio, is a maximum security facility. The jail found they had many failing pipes running under the building and grounds of the facility. After installation of a manhole chamber to aid in cleaning the very old pipes, Enviro-flow® lined the pipes without any damage to the facility.


Wayne County Courthouse

The Wayne County Courthouse, located in Wooster OH, was erected in 1879 by Architect Thomas Boyd. Enviro-Flow® was called to help keep the sidewalks and road in tact while rehabilitating their sanitary lines. We successfully lined the pipes, navigating many bends with no issue. The sidewalk and roads went untouched.



The White House - Conduit Lining

The White House discovered water infiltration in their telecommunication conduits under the West Wing. Working closely with Flow-Liner® and the GC, Enviro-Flow® quickly and efficiently installed Flow-Liner CIP-Conduit in one day, no demolition needed! 


Morris Shephard Dam

Located in Palo Pinto County, Texas, the Morris Sheppard Dam crosses 2700ft of Possum Kingdom Lake. As the first water supply reservoir on the Brazos River with construction as early as 1936, it is no surprise the Brazos River Authority found need for non-invasive pipe lining technologies. Enviro-Flow lined nine gate chamber pipes with no excavation necessary.



Lane Aviation

After starting a dig & replace method to fix the excessive scale build-up, Lane Aviation sought out a cheaper, faster, and less messy way to fix their problem. Enviro-flow was able to meet their needs with CIPP Inversion. The pipes were rehabilitated in two days, including two branch line reinstatements.