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Enviro-Flow Pipe & Conduit Services® is proud to be the Master Installer of Flow-Liner® Systems. With the use of Flow-Liner®'s pipe, conduit, and duct lining systems, Enviro-flow® excels in the field of trenchless technology. See our pipe lining divisions below and visit Flow-Liner®'s website...

Sanitary, sewer drains, roof drains and more. Enviro-flow®can offer trenchless solutions to small or large problems.  If your project is more complex than just a common drain, Enviro-flow works closely with Flow-Liner's Technical Design Division to formulate the best lining material for your specific project. Click for More About Enviro-Flow's CIPP Services

Using the NSF approved Neofit®+Plus potable water pipe lining system, Enviro-flow® can quickly and safely line 1/2"-2" water service lines. For water mains, Primus line trenchless technology is available through Enviro-Flow®. Check out Enviro-Flow's Potable Water Services

The following multi-industry fields can utilize Enviro-flow's work with Flow-Liner® Multi-Industry System.
Industrial Piping Systems    Mechanical Piping systems
Refinery Piping Systems   Mine Piping Systems    Fire Main Piping Systems

Enviro-flow® is Flow-Liner's first Certified Installer to utilize their newest divisions, HVAC. Expanding their trenchless technology systems to include underground HVAC ducts. Capable of lining from a single entry point and environmentally friendly, Flow-Liner's CIP-Duct® Systems has been evaluated by IAMPO and found to be in accordance with Uniform Evaluation Service (IAPMO ER #484). 

Companies and residences with electrical and telecommunication pipes can save time and money with conduit lining.  Enviro-flow® has completed many projects utilizing Flow-Liner's telecommunications division, working with customers such as the White House, the US Navy, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.