Neofit Testing

Note: Neofit® is a class-B semi-structural liner. Neither Flow-Liner® nor Wavin are making any claims that Neofit® is classified as a stand alone liner or classified as a structural pipe. These extreme tests and videos are only to show the strength of the Neofit® liner.

Stand alone Neofit® liner burst test as per ASTM D1599 for pressure testing of structural piping. The stand alone Neofit® liner burst @ 460 psi.

Neofit® liner installed in PEX tubing with 3/8 inch holes in the PEX every 8-12 inches. The fittings used were compression style with the Neofit® liner having a flange at each end. This would represent an extreme leaking water service lining installation. The Neofit® lined pipe was pressurized to 150 psi and held for 48 hours with no leaks.

Tensile test of 10mm Neofit Liner expanded to 3/4" pipe size. Results show a 2" section was stretched to 4" without any tearing or damage to the liner.

Stretched and stressed 10mm Neofit Liner from previous tensile test was capable of holding up to 105 PSI before bursting, as per ASTM D1599.